Patricia Mitter

Patricia Mitter

This is me–a lover of nature, crazy for ice cream and yes, an Instagram fan.

I started my career as a creative designer fourteen years ago and since then, I haven’t stopped. During my career, I’ve been an art director, freelancer, and graphic designer. I’ve worked for small and large agencies, companies in marketing and publishing sector. Currently, I’m an in-house designer working for an IT company.

My colleagues call me “hybrid designer”, because I am the only creative who works with designers and the video team. It’s funny, I have to admit it, I love it! I enjoy collaborating, exchanging ideas, receiving and providing feedback, and working in meaningful campaigns. 

I always keep this in mind: do what you love to do, take risks, explore and never give up.


Photography. Check out my website: Patricia Mitter Photography. Horror movies. Stephen King. Rock and some Pop, but specially any music from the 80s and 90s. Playing my violin. Outdoor activities.