Patricia Mitter

Patricia Mitter

I am a passionate Graphic Designer, born in Caracas, Venezuela. I started working as a Graphic Designer after graduating in 2006 and since then, I haven’t stopped. I have gained experience designing marketing materials, packages, corporate identity, and websites.

Currently, I am the Art Director at CoOptions Shopper Marketing and Cornell Lab Publishing Group, both owned by the same person. I lead creative projects, prepare, review, and approve final art, as well as provide feedback for new titles and create timelines for each project. Also, I collaborate on printed promotions such as booklets, product samples, and displays. Additionally, I design digital campaigns for social media, and I am responsible for the development and maintenance of newsletters and websites.



Photographer. Animal Lover. Zumbaniac.

I have been doing photography for several years. I specialize in portrait. Here is my website: Patricia Mitter Photography.

I am an animal lover, and truly respect them which has led me to become a vegetarian and a PETA member. I also love exercise, Zumba, and participating in outdoor activities.